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Virtual Tour



Be transported back in time to Regency London in the year 1813,  from the comfort of your own living room.  We take an imagined stroll round the wealthy district of Mayfair, where the protagonists of Bridgerton, the new Netflix series, live and breathe. But where did the producers really film all those racy and romantic scenes? From Court levees at the Royal Palaces to promenades and duels in the Royal Parks, via clandestine marriages and luxury shopping , we examine every aspect of the lives, fashions, social etiquette and activities of the "beau monde" in early 19th Century London.  

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Simply get in touch to arrange a time for you and your group of friends to join me online on Zoom. The tour lasts 1 hour, "starting" in Grosvenor Square, home to the Bridgerton family, in the heart of elegant Mayfair. Settle down with a drink of your choice and enjoy!


How To Book

Price: £7.50 per person

Contact me via email to find out more about the

Bridgerton Virtual Tour

Image References:

"View of Grosvenor Square" by Robert Pollard, Robert Dodd and Edward Dayes. Public Domain.

"Off for the Honeymoon" by Frederick Morgan. Public Domain. 

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