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Bespoke Guided Tours

to Discover London

Cultural Capital Walking Tours

Carefully curated tours of Central London.

Join me for a walk around Westminster's top historical sites.

Choose either a walking tour or a virtual tour to explore with me.

Popular Tours

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Virtual Tours

Enjoy the people, the sights and the stories of London from the comfort of your own Living Room

Albert Memorial.jpg

The Head Gardener, the Victorian housewife, the Queen and her Consort.

Enjoy a stroll through beautiful Hyde Park and South Kensington to discover the story of The Great Exhibition of 1851.


Turner NPG download.jpg

Walking in Turner's footsteps (the early years)

 From his father's barber shop in Covent Garden to sparkling success at the Royal Academy, walk in the early footsteps of our greatest Artist.


Discover famous Westminster residents, "perfect" architecture, facts and places hidden in plain sight in the wonderful environs of Westminster Abbey

Nell Gwynne Blue Plzque.jpg

Royal Marriages and Mistresses

A stroll round Whitehall and St. James's Park in the company of a colourful selection of Kings, courtesans and long-suffering wives from the Restoration to the Regency era

Handel NPG download.jpg

Bringing the streets and times of early Georgian London to life in Mayfair and St. James's as we discover the role of Handel in the development of Opera in this country

Image References

"St. George, Hanover Square" by It's NO Game is licensed under CC BY 2.0; "Westminster Abbey" by HerryLawford is licensed under CC BY 2.0; "Nell Gwynne Blue Plaque" by ahisgett is licensed under CC BY 2.0; "Albert Memorial" by Uli Harder is licensed CC BY-SA 2.0; J .M.W Turner by John LInnell 1838 and George Frideric Handel by Thomas Hudson 1756 both copyright National Portrait Gallery, London



"Excellent walking tour around central London. Rachel was highly knowledgeable and used material from historical sources that was fascinating and at times very entertaining. Lovely day out in the city!"

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